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Louisville 2019 Challenges:

Louisville 2019 Solutions:

I challenge you to work with Louisville's immigrant communities and other partners who care about immigrants' rights to create and promote a program that both integrates immigrants and celebrates this city's diverse cultures.

Wajahat Ali 

Valley Traditional High School

We will strengthen unity within our communities and improve intercultural relationships through cultural awareness meetings and lessons on how to provide medical care that incorporates various cultural traditions.

Southern High School

Culture Quest is a scavenger hunt for children and families to explore a variety of immigrant-owned businesses throughout Louisville. We chose to take on a challenge to celebrate diversity because we found that many cultures in our community are misrepresented.

J. Graham Brown High School

We launched We Call Louisville Home to promote and celebrate immigrant-friendly businesses. We will launch a website to highlight immigrants that contribute to our community.

Iroquois High School

We are young adults of the future. FUTURUM represents teens from six nations and four continents who are advocating for teen immigrants and refugees. Our goal is to integrate, celebrate, and protect the rights of these communities in Louisville by raising awareness on issues that concern diverse cultures.

Georgia Chaffee Teenage Parent Program

To create a community that appreciates all immigrants, we will highlight personal stories through videos that raise awareness about the harsh reality for many immigrants in Louisville.

I challenge you to raise awareness around air pollution levels and improve your city's emissions to create clean air for generations to come.

Steph Speirs

Western High School Early College Academy

Louisville has an air quality inequity that leads to lower life expectancies for people who live in the West End compared to residents of the East End. We are Western HOPE — Helping Our People's Environment, and we are tackling this challenge by teaching young people how to grow and take care of plants and trees and educating adults on how to minimize the negative impact of poor air quality on their health.

The Academy at Shawnee

The west end of Louisville has a pollution and health crisis. Our group’s goal is to connect like-minded individuals and groups to align their efforts and create solutions to reduce air pollution and improve health outcomes in Louisville.

Fern Creek Traditional High School

Tackling environmental justice, our solution addresses the lack of data on water quality in the west end of Louisville. Our intent is to improve water quality through riparian buffers and community involvement. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Fairdale High School

We will raise awareness and create solutions to reduce the amount of air pollution and emissions in our city by developing a website and mobile app and hosting events to share the importance of respecting the environment.

Eastern High School

The bLOUsky Project is a student-led team of artists and entrepreneurs working to combat air pollution in the urban areas of Louisville. The bLOUsky Project works to empower Louisville’s most vulnerable urban communities through education, storytelling, artistic collaboration, and community partnerships.

We challenge you to develop a solution to reduce a health inequity facing your community, using your community's assets and identifying where more support is needed.

Alexandra Quinn & Tigee Hill

Louisville Male High School

Our goal is to produce a meaningful impact on the Louisville community by encouraging a healthier and more active lifestyle through the revamping of a local park, including the creation of a community garden.

I challenge you to raise awareness around forced labor in global supply chains, and resist this abuse that pervades our clothing, food and so many other products we consume.

Martina Vandenberg

I challenge you to foster civic participation by engaging your community in conversations about important constitutional questions, such as whether the First Amendment protects hate speech or how the Second Amendment can balance the right to bear arms and the right to be safe at school

Jeffrey Rosen

Central High School, Magnet & Career Academy

We the people of C-4HS (Creating Constitutional Conversations in our Community), are a committee of students from Central High School in Louisville, Kentucky. We will host our community at ongoing events to teach the importance of the United States Constitution, a document that plays such a big role in our everyday lives.