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Miami 2022 Challenges:

Miami 2022 Solutions:

I challenge you to design the “school of tomorrow” by developing a program that makes school a place where students feel confident in the skills and knowledge they are acquiring and supports and celebrates students’ educational opportunities.

Kenneth Furton

Olympus Academy

We envision a classroom that motivates students and empowers them to take ownership of their education and celebrate the learning process.

School of the Future

Our vision is the school of the future.

W. A. T.: What About Teachers?

We envision a school where all teachers and faculty are provided with the support they require to sustain their mental health so that they are in the position to spread positivity within their classroom and build healthy communities.

I challenge you to design a program to strengthen your community’s mental health by appreciating our unique identities and the infinite variations of the human experience.

Diana Chao

The SAFE Initiative

Our vision is to create a school and community program that promotes mental health services through animal engagement. We want to raise awareness, overcome the stigma associated with mental health, and open the gateway for individuals to sign up for additional resources.

L.O.V.E (Learn-Overcome-Vouch-Express)

We envision a future where people will be able to connect and make friends with others who suffer from the same issues they are facing. Connections help all of us build a sense of belonging and self-worth.

CHANGE (Correcting Holistic Advancement Nuance Great Excellence)

The Triage = Peace Room was established to give an outlet of reset, remove, correct, reestablish and redirect undesired behaviors. This area provides an area within the school facility that can be modeled in the community and enable individuals to focus on conventional activities for self-modification.

The CLEO Institute challenges you to create a school climate action plan that follows the clean energy task force’s recommendations and utilizes a multi-stakeholder, educational campaign to help fight the climate crisis in Miami.

Yoca Arditi-Rocha

Food for Food

We envision that our efforts in reducing food waste today will reduce greenhouse gasses and their negative effects on the environment.

Project C.H.I.E.F

One school, one team, working one day at a time, to inspire and create one big impact on the globe.

Project GREEN (Growing Roots of Environmental Education Now)

We envision a society where awareness of environmental issues is not disregarded but encouraged, hoping to flourish and implement ideas to combat the climate crisis.

ECHO (Educating on Climate Health Objectives)

Our school will be a model for other schools in the community and create an improved environment for humans and nature alike.

I challenge you to develop a strategy to combat online hate speech and trolling, and transform social media platforms into a space for inclusion, allyship, and positive social interaction.

Marsha Frith

Heroes of Miami

Heroes of Miami wants to create a safe and inclusive space within our city where people are able to share stories about their experiences with online hate speech, inspiring people to come together and become a larger power against cyberbullying.

I challenge you to find ways to make your generation the last ALICE generation (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) by designing a solution that encourages families to utilize community resources that help achieve economic stability.

Joe Zubizarreta

S.U.N.R.I.S.E (Serving Under-resourced Neighborhoods Reaching Ideal Stress-free Environments)

We envision a society that embraces economic empowerment and combats financial disparities with social outreach and resources.


Using advertising to connect people to affordable childcare services will allow ALICE families to spend less of their income on childcare, which allows them to have more freedom when allocating their earnings.

ALICE Busters

The lives of a generation will be forever changed by increasing financial stability and literacy. People will want to join these efforts because it will secure generational wealth.