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San Diego 2024 Challenges:

San Diego 2024 Solutions:

We challenge you to lead a campaign that raises awareness about the current homelessness prevention efforts in the City of San Diego and reduces the stigma that families might experience by accessing services.

Megan Burt & Ilene Lozada

We challenge you to design an innovative approach for helping youth effectively navigate their mental health journey by creating a roadmap that will connect them to resources to support their wellness.

Chris Bellamy & Michael Peterson & Prentice Powell

I challenge you to center migrant and immigrant populations by creating a program aimed at educating your community on human rights and promoting human dignity, regardless of immigration status.

Andrea Guerrero

I challenge you to inspire your community to habitually use fewer single-use plastics in order to keep trash out of our ocean ecosystems.

Anne Middleton

I challenge you to design a program that engages students, parents, and schools to become champions for connection to intentionally decrease chronic absenteeism and increase academic excellence.

Marcus L. Strother