Challenges and Solutions

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I challenge you to create and distribute affordable, accessible resources that incorporate intergenerational knowledge to prepare frontline communities for the impact of climate change.

Elizabeth Yeampierre

Living Labs

We envision a future where we will fight back against climate injustice and food insecurity by educating and empowering our neighbors to be sustainable urban farmers.

Climate Comfort Solutions

To create a community that is prepared to protect themselves in the face of climate disaster.

Planet of Colors

Our group, "Planet of Colors" envisions a world where we tackle climate change and systemic racism by fostering the health and wellness of our community.

I challenge you to create an initiative dedicated to combating hate by building community and equipping the public with the skills to challenge internal and external biases.

Hassan Naveed

S.T.O.P. H.A.T.E.

We the S.T.O.P.H.A.T.E team envision a world where middle schoolers that are transitioning to high school are equipped with information to help combat hate crimes. We believe that starting the implementation of interactive and engaging workshops in adolescence ages 10-13, who are about to start their high school career, will instill the information and help bring down the overall hate crime statistics.

The LabBratz

The vision of Bedford Academy is to change and inform the inherent bias of the Black community and make a change with a focus on Black women in the medical community. Our goal is to build and nurture a culture to which our queens in the community can feel heard and seen.

Project485: Discrimination Across Our Nation

We are Discrimination Across Our Nation! A project started by your local Brooklyn High School Students at East Williamsburg Scholars Academy. Our goal is to target hate crime by creating an effective solution against it. Our team was tasked with the mission to combat various forms of discrimination, including racial, religious, gender-based, and LGBTQ+ discrimination.

We challenge you to develop a program to make your community more inclusive of immigrants, uplifting different cultures and advocating for the rights of all, regardless of immigration status.

Angy Rivera & Guadalupe Jackie Muller Z

Dream Cycle

Our ultimate vision is for immigrants from all countries to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance in knowing that our solution is easily accessible and provides help without judgment.


We envision an inclusive community where immigrants feel more secure, uplifted mentally and physically and in which they have the proper knowledge to advocate for themselves and start raising their voices.

I challenge you to initiate a grassroots movement that promotes meaningful conversations about mental health by fostering a culture of kindness, understanding, and support among young people in our communities.

Alex Aide

Minds of the Outcast

Our vision is to bring awareness to the fact that we as people are living in a pandemic of mental health issues.

Operation Wellness Empowerment

We envision a future in which every youth, regardless of their background, will have a greater understanding of mental health and create a community that is empathetic of those needing support for mental health.

Better Mind Bigger Smiles Inc.

We strive to improve the lives of those living with mental health illness and provide emotional wellness for individuals in our community.

Wellness Warriors

The Wellness Warriors encourage people to join our cause so that they can be involved in guiding people to a better state of mental health by allowing them to vent about certain situations in their lives. Because they now have a new safe space to vent and gain mental clarity, they will feel validated and heard even if others don't make them feel that way.

Operation: Mindscape

Our vision is to build a community where people prioritize mental health, and there is no shame in seeking support. We believe that taking care of your mental well-being is just as important as physical health. Everyone should have access to the resources they need to thrive and feel empowered to ask for help when they need it.

I challenge you to create a sustainable program that challenges your community’s behaviors to help alleviate the issue of rats in New York City.

Kathleen Corradi

Brooklyn Eraticators

We will educate community members and local businesses to understand the rodent problem, how their behaviors contribute to the issue and inspire them to take action and change behaviors to create a cleaner and happier community, with a reduced number of rodents.


Fewer rats will make places more sanitary and reduce the risk of disease.

Rat Patrol

We envision influencing the behaviors of adolescents in Williamsburg Brooklyn, joining the efforts to decrease the rat population, and improving the quality of life for NYC residents.


We will alleviate rat problems in New York City.

Project R.I.S.E

We envision a community where the environment is clean, safe, and worry free of contaminants that negatively impact the community.