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The Aspen Challenge provides inspiration, tools, and a platform for young people to design solutions to some of the most critical problems humanity faces.

Young people are moments away from being tomorrow’s decision-makers and this program offers them a chance to practice their critical thinking, tap into their creativity, and offer their fresh perspective on issues within our society.

How It Works

Each year, we partner with an urban school district to bring the Aspen Challenge to a new city. Twenty schools are invited to participate, and each high school forms a team of 8 students and 2 educators who serve as coaches. Our participants take the following steps to complete the Aspen Challenge:

2024 Partner Cities

“The most under utilized resource in our community are the brains of our young people.”

Nat Irvin, University of Louisville

What’s New

Positive, Youth-Led Change in Brooklyn and San Diego

Coast to coast – from Brooklyn to San Diego – young people are hard at work developing their teams’ responses and creating innovative Solutions following the recent Aspen Challenge: Challenge Forums. In February, 20 high school teams in each city decided to take on the Challenge and tackle pressing issues in their own communities through the fresh lens of youth perspective. Before each season of the Aspen Challenge, school district partners collaborate with the program to identify the most [...]