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The Aspen Challenge provides inspiration, tools, and a platform for young people to design solutions to some of the most critical problems humanity faces.

Young people are moments away from being tomorrow’s decision-makers and this program offers them a chance to practice their critical thinking, tap into their creativity, and offer their fresh perspective on issues within our society.

2023 Partner Cities

“The most under utilized resource in our community are the brains of our young people.”

Nat Irvin, University of Louisville

What’s New

Aspen Challenge 2023: Celebrating Student-Led Solutions in New Orleans and Brooklyn Ahead of the Aspen Ideas Festival

The Aspen Challenge recently concluded Solution Showcases in New Orleans and Brooklyn following eight weeks of critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving initiated at the Challenge Forums in each city earlier this year. The culmination was Solution Showcases in both cities – which resulted in student-led teams presenting remarkable and innovative solutions addressing critical issues and ultimately helping to make their communities better. In New Orleans, Aspen Challenge partnered with New Schools for New Orleans, where 19 high school teams [...]