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The Aspen Challenge provides inspiration, tools, and a platform for young people to design solutions to some of the most critical problems humanity faces.

Young people are moments away from being tomorrow’s decision-makers and this program offers them a chance to practice their critical thinking, tap into their creativity, and offer their fresh perspective on issues within our society.

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“The most under utilized resource in our community are the brains of our young people.”

Nat Irvin, University of Louisville

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Climate Change Requires Youth Action, By Leisha John

Climate change is impacting our lives now, and it will only get worse. However, we already have many solutions to tackle this issue. If our youth are educated and focused, they can use their voices to influence adults and decision-makers to enact policies that will scale up these solutions, so that we (and future generations) don’t suffer the most catastrophic consequences of climate change. It’s clear we’re in a climate emergency Extreme weather events like hurricanes are getting [...]

Youth Lead Now! is a new initiative of The Aspen Institute that brings expert, national speakers into the living rooms of youth and families locally. These virtual monthly events provide touchpoints that enable youth to stay resilient during these unprecedented times and motivated to be engaged in the work of change-making. We are leveraging the power of the Aspen Institute’s network in service of local communities to provide messages of hope and inspiration when it is needed the most.

The Aspen Institute’s Leadership Division, Aspen Challenge, and Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship – along with programmatic and community partners across the United States – are launching Youth Lead Now! to mitigate the significant distress and uncertainty that youth and their families are experiencing while simultaneously catalyzing new ways of thinking and working toward community progress. By leveraging the networks of the Aspen Institute, we will provide opportunities for youth across the country to engage with and learn from seasoned leaders, while helping them build their own strategies for resilience and efficacy in leadership.