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Washington, DC 2015 Challenges:

Washington, DC 2015 Solutions:

I challenge you to use art to preserve the cultural identities of your community and to collaborate with another community to celebrate your differences and similarities.

Charles “Lil Buck” Riley & Damian Woetzel

By focusing on the appetites of your generation, I challenge you to come up with an irresistible food concept that features all natural fruits, vegetables, and sustainable meats and fish.

José Andrés


F.R.E.S.H (Finding Real and Equitable Solutions for Health) DC's mission is to integrate nutritious dishes into the community. We are familiar with our community and we intend to influence people to make healthier eating choices by finding an irresistible meal that people will enjoy.

Phelps Fresh Food on the Go!

Phelps Fresh Food on the Go! brings awareness and provides healthy food choices for healthy bodies and minds.

Team Ceres

Dunbar’s mission is to make quick yet mouth-wateringly healthy meals, by combining delicious pancakes and savory waffles with organic ingredients, all natural meats fruits and vegetables, Pafills to combat this new plague of youthful ailments.

I challenge you to create and test a business idea that will help address a problem of poverty within your community.

Jo-Ann Tan

TMA Gourmet

TMA Gourmet is eradicating the issue of limited food access that plagues communities of poverty by providing parents, students, and members of our community healthier eating options from our school garden.

Mountain Lions

Our goal is to disrupt teen poverty in our community by focusing on high school attendance through financial incentives.


Our mission at BINC (Banneker, Inc.) is to develop an innovative and sustainable business solution to an issue of poverty in our city wide community through a website. This website, oriented to the needs of our community and made possible by financial support from local businesses, will offer coupons and solutions through a forum-like interface to address the primary needs of our community and will be accessible to any and all that wish to make use of and to contribute to the database.

I challenge you, the students of Washington DC, to leverage technology and design a platform to engage with youth from around the world. This platform should be scalable and convince high school students, and society at large, that engaging with people from different cultures should be the norm.

Chris Plutte

Cultural Affinity

Cultural Affinity increases knowledge and understanding of different cultures and ways of life among youth around the world by connecting with them through social media i.e. Facebook, and Instagram.

Global Gazebo

Global Gazebo is hosting a website where students around the world can communicate with each other on a regular basis using videos and pictures.

Generation W3

Our mission is to create an annual event with supporting social media resources that will highlight the cultural differences of people from different countries in order to promote better understanding among diverse peoples.

Big Little World

Our mission is to make this big world a little smaller by communicating with people from other countries through social media in order to discover and promote what all people, regardless of location, have in common.


PEACE (People Exploring A Country Everyday) encourages students from across the world to interact with one another, both inside and outside of school, with our app in order to explore different cultures, eliminate stereotypes, and discover similarities/differences through interactive games, forums, and shared photographs.

By bringing together unlikely allies, I challenge you to unleash peace to counter the culture of violence present in your community

Eric Dawson

Breaking Free

Breaking Free will teach young people how to handle the in and out of violence through dialogue, art, and media by offering a transparency of violence in our schools and communities to create a safe and supportive environment.

H.O.P.E. (Happiness, Optimism, Peace, Equality)

We want to stop the fighting and have a better way to approach situations by partnering with younger students at our local schools to find better ways to deal with their feelings.

Ballou Peace Makers

Ballou will unleash peace by creating a peer-mediation program that fosters healthy dialogue among students, while also promoting a culture where unlikely allies work together for common purposes.

Blue Rocket Society

In order to eliminate ignorance and encourage a peaceful environment for youth, the Blue Rocket Society has created a program at Eastern, "Defying Stereotypes, Destroying Labels" (DSDL), to increase tolerance, provide exposure, and build relationships between traditionally oppressed groups and, through art, exposed our peers to the importance of defying stereotypes.

1000 Words of Kindness

1000 Words of Kindness provides and artistic and creative outlet for youth enduring mental and physical violence.