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Denver 2015 Challenges:

Denver 2015 Solutions:

I challenge you, the students in Denver, CO, to develop a summer program that eliminates summer melt by focusing on college enrollment strategies and enabling students to develop skills that will help students succeed in college.

Nate Easley

I challenge you to create awareness and identify solutions to effectively address individuals with mental health conditions in homeless and correction system populations.

Joey Pace & Erin Brown

Raising Our Own Fathers

Raising Our Own Father's mission is to increase awareness of mental health as it pertains to young males of color through mentoring, empowering, and advocating.

Peace of Mind

The mission of Peace of Mind is to ensure that anyone and everyone who faces any type of mental illness can seek and get help before the problem escalates and leads to homelessness or incarceration.

Health Brigade

Health Brigade, a project which aims to create awareness and resource education about how mental health issues affect the homeless in our community through outreach and social media.

I challenge you to improve the culture or design of your school to promote physical activity and healthy living in an environmentally friendly way.

Donna Lynne

Almighty Eagles

The Almighty Eagles believe healthy living is a key element to being happy, with that being said we devised a plan that included creating enrichments involving physical activity, We put requests in for sports clubs, enrichments and P.E classes in general, and we also made students aware of how eating habits can affect their lives positively or negatively.


2Fit4U educates young students about the benefits of healthy living by providing space for physical activity and healthier food options.


North High School is finding ways to utilize community centers to provide healthy, local produce for families living in food deserts.

Team Well Aware

Team Well Aware has come together to address the lack of awareness of the importance of health and wellness, the lack of opportunities and programs in our community that address health and wellness, and the need to help young children learn about the importance of health and wellness at an early age.

Nutrition Ambition

Nutrition Ambition is an initiative implemented in order to provide and obtain knowledge and exciting, innovative resources to the people of our community to motivate a unified sense of purpose in nourishing the environment and ourselves

We challenge YOU to be the change agents and innovate an online dialogue for good.

Dallas Davis

Caring Cowboys

Three schools on one campus, find common ground and spread kindness throughout the West side school and community. The Caring Cowboys have been sending and seeking advice from the community on how to combat cyber bullying with the greatest weapon of all- love.

Be A Voice

Be a voice, be yourself, raise awareness and take action – you’re the change for kindness.

We Hear You

“We Hear You” is an educational campaign to raise the levels of consciousness on the negative use of social media and its direct link to cyber bullying.

The Wallflower Initiative

The Wallflower Initiative hopes to use social media to connect generations through stories of hope and inspiration, spread positivity in our school and plant the seeds for wider change within our community.


F.L.Y. (FRIENDSHIP LIES IN YOU) is promoting a Kindness Week to create new friendships, unity, and a culture of empathy.

I challenge you to come up with a platform for connecting with your classmates or peers to identify, research and take action on racial inequity that you see in your school or community.

Catherine Wigginton-Greene

Denver South Eracism

Denver South Eracism is a youth driven movement dedicated to taking action against racial inequity throughout the community and challenging stereotypes, in order to create a more culturally aware and accepting environment.

B.O.L.T.S (Be One, Lead Together)

A Day With R.A.C.E (Respect All Cultures Equally) is an awareness campaign that addresses the racial inequities the 5 points area still faces through community key note speakers and student performances, as well as ways the community combats these issues through community partner displays and information.


We, COLOR: Creatively Optimistic Leaders of Respect, are combatting the issues surrounding race; through the allocation of literature, music, and art we are facilitating tough conversations within workshops and forums, raising awareness in our community, and are creating a movement to fight back against the racial inequity in our society.

See Me As I Am

A social platform developed by young adults for young adults that creates a space for us to define ourselves, not one that defines us for others, in order to address issues related to race.

Freedom Blazers

To bring awareness of racism to our school and community by acknowledging the painful affects it has had on individuals and to empower our students and community in healing the negative affect of racism.