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Brooklyn 2023 Challenges:

Brooklyn 2023 Solutions:

I challenge you to design a program that educates students about the multiple pathways to post-secondary success by promoting the exploration of those pathways as opportunities for economic mobility.

Kenya George

Golden Pathways to Success

Our vision statement is to position students in their own directions so they can be successful in the long run.

Project B.L.A.C.K

We envision a community in which youth and educators have access to shared resources/materials needed to fan the flames of generational mobility, support, and success in secondary and post education.

Vita Detectives

We envision a future where scholars graduate high school having a concrete plan for what they want to do in adulthood.

I challenge you to bring more good food to your community by connecting with resources or partners to improve access to nutritious food options in your neighborhood.

Matt Haffenreffer

CHCP Feeds

We envision that our partnerships will help us to consistently provide better communities access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food. Creating sustainable resources for families for years to come.

Where's the Food?

We envision bringing healthy and nutritious food options to our community through the creation of our school pantry. In order to combat food insecurity in East New York, Brooklyn, we envision all community members to be able to access needed food so that we may create a more equitable and food secure community.

Healthy Addition

As firm believers in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, we at A-Tech HS envision that our long-lasting partnerships with businesses in our neighborhood, along with the establishment of a food garden, will supply our community with access to nutritious foods needed to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

I challenge you to build a program that alleviates the stigma that is associated with people returning home from incarceration by welcoming the returning citizens to play a part in the improvement of our communities.

Marcus Bullock

FIRA: Former Inmates Recovery Association

We aspire to promote a community that assists formerly incarcerated people. We believe in giving a second chance to those who are struggling and helping the community to realize that the stigma of being incarcerated should be lifted.

Build a Life

We envision that the people in Brownsville will use our project as an opportunity to have a better life after they are incarcerated.


We envision a future in which all people who have been incarcerated can find a way to reconnect to their community and feel welcomed.

I challenge you to reimagine Brooklyn’s streets so that people of all ages and abilities can safely travel to where they want to go.

Michael Lydon

cycle: Forward

To create a city where bikers are respected and perceived as valuable commuters in NYC streets, and to foster a sense of safety and solidarity among bikers, and encourage more New Yorkers to embrace biking as a viable and enjoyable mode of transportation.

Biker's Ed

We visualize a community where people can feel safer on the street, starting with cyclists.


We envision a future where everyone, any age and gender will feel safe walking down the street.

I challenge you to create a movement to get young people talking to each other about the warning signs of unhealthy relationships and equip them with the tools to take action before the behaviors escalate into abuse.

Ebele Onyema

Toxicity in the City

We envision a community where young people acknowledge toxic traits within relationships and are able to take toxic traits as warning signs. We want young people to continue this initiative with their peers, families and younger generations, so that they can all understand and remember the healthy definition of love.


To create a community of support in our school. To empower young people to engage in healthy relationships.

The Antidote

To educate and support members of our community on toxic relationships. We will navigate how to spot and deal with them, while simultaneously addressing toxic relationships.

Blue Ribbon Butterfly Foundation

We envision a life where youth of all ages can educate themselves on healthy relationships and be able to quickly identify unhealthy ones.


We envision a school environment where relationships thrive. By educating our peers, mediating conflicts and promoting healthy relationships in innovative ways we will help students change their minds, hearts and bodies to become better humans.