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New Orleans 2022 Challenges:

New Orleans 2022 Solutions:

I challenge you to design a program that employs kindness interventions—both online and offline—in order to improve the collective mental health of our communities.

Taylor Parker


Our vision is to empower, support, and increase awareness for mental health in our community in New Orleans.

Love in Action

We envision a New Orleans where marginalized youth are valued by others and empowered to change their own self-image, actions and lives in a positive way to bring safety, joy and love to their communities.

PRIDE: Positive Recognition Involvement Development Emotional Health

PRIDE will break the stigma of mental health by creating safe spaces, resources, and supports to help students cope with mental health issues in a way that transcends the school community.

NOLA's Hope

Our vision is to provide universal, intercultural competent, and strength-focused services. Our vision promotes children's social-emotional development and raises awareness about mental health.

K.E.E.P (Kindness and Empathy Education Program) New Orleans

To uplift individuals who are equipped with the skills and understanding to foster a healthy state of mind through examples of kindness within themselves and their community.

I challenge you to design a solution that will address the mobility and transportation challenges for youth throughout the city of New Orleans.

Lona Hankins

SBW NOLA Robotic Solutions

A Community Program of young adults solving city environmental erosion issues through scientific methods aligned with collaborative design creations through robotics engineering.

I challenge you to design a community campaign and program that amplifies the existing strengths and beauty of New Orleans’ neighborhoods as a counternarrative to the historical spring and summer upticks of community violence.

Marlon Peterson

Operation Hope 4 NOLA

To counter the narrative of violence in New Orleans by creating a safe space for opportunity and exposure for teens, further amplifying the existing talents within our city.


A community that believes in itself, supports itself, and provides & utilizes resources and mentorship to provide career opportunities and ample chances for success. We will bring the community together to help change the way that people see New Orleans, the 9th Ward, and Carver.

Get It Ready NOLA

Get it Ready NOLA aims to create and enhance the culture of our city to decrease violence and uplift the skills and creativity of the city's youth.

New Orleans’ Crime Amelioration (NOLACA)

NOLA’s Crime Amelioration (NOLACA) will allow all young people, particularly those who are at risk of being entrapped by violence, to experience their full potential as productive, responsible, and successful citizens without being exposed to or contributing to New Orleans crime.


Creating or promoting a safe and comfortable environment for minorities.

I challenge you to educate your peers about current events and policies that will have long-term impacts on the environment and to create a program that empowers your peers to take organized action against the climate crisis.

Beverly Wright


To cultivate and thrive in interconnected communities of people who understand the complex issues of climate change and intersectionality, are passionate about combating the climate crisis, and take action to live sustainably.

Born to Win

We envision creating an environment that is more sustainable to live in by promoting recycling and reducing and replacing plastic consumption in New Orleans.

The Bucmates

We will provide information, conduct presentations, and utilize social media to encourage New Orleans ' Youth to become environmentally conscious and empower them to BE THE CHANGE.

Silica Saints - The Glass Collection Project

A concerned community of students with completely different ideas, thoughts, and interests, collaborating to raise each other up and sustain our world for our children and for generations to come.

I challenge you to collaborate with your neighbors to use your community assets in creating a solution that improves the food landscape and promotes a culture of health in your community.

Camille Range

The Cool Cooks

The vision of the Cool Cooks is to INSPIRE the future of New Orleans to incorporate and establish healthy eating habits while staying true to their culture.


Others will want to join our effort because it provides access to resources and knowledge surrounding food in New Orleans.