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Denver 2014 Challenges:

Denver 2014 Solutions:

I challenge you, the students in Denver, CO, to create a way of inspiring your classmates, and students around the country, to learn about the Bill of Rights, its history, and the way that it relates to your lives. Inspire them to apply their knowledge of it to be active citizens by choosing a current debate involving the Bill Of Rights and making an argument about what liberty means to you today. Be creative in helping students learn about where the rights listed in the Bill of Rights came from and how they evolved over time.

Jeffrey Rosen

I challenge you, the students in Denver, CO, to create awareness and empower your community to take action and address high school dropout rates. Engage your peers, share your experiences, introduce new methods of thought about the importance of education, and learn how to take action on the importance of it for all!

Jamiel L. Alexander

Summit Academy

REBOUND is centered on creating a peer mentoring program at Summit Academy to reengage students in school and see the importance of their education through building healthy relationships with their peers.

PUSH Academy

P.U.S.H. Academy's Project Promise, is an initiative to eradicate the dropout rate. It is our Promise to make a conscious and sincere effort to engage, inspire and lead all youth in our community so they may exceed academic expectations and norms. This is accomplished with a village concept in mind.

High Tech Early College

Team I.N.S.P.I.R.E reaches out to those communities that have high dropout rates and challenges students to find ways they can encourage their peers and themselves to stay in school. We are creating a culture in which students at our school
are becoming accountable to one another through support, encouragement, and becoming active participants in their education.

I challenge you, the students of Denver, CO, to use art to create new social connections in your community. Design a creative project that invites community members to engage with each other in a new way.

Laura Zabel

West High School

We are using blank walls to start conversations around issues in our school and the West Denver community.

Martin Luther King Jr. Early College

The goal of Signal of Expression is to unify the youth and adults of the Montbello and Green Valley Ranch Communities through all forms of art that represent self-expression.

Abraham Lincoln High School

Inspire Through Connection promotes understanding by enabling community stakeholders to share their stories.

I challenge you, the students of Denver,CO, to leverage the underutilize resources of your community (e.g. schools on the weekends) to create a place where you and your peers could come together in the interest of creating healthier food environment for your school community.

Kirsten Saenz Tobey

Thomas Jefferson High School

Spreading Environmental Education (and) Developing Seeds.

Contemporary Learning Academy

Promotes vegetable consumption and shares healthy recipes in our community through a phone app.

I challenge you, the students of Denver, CO, to design a campaign to remind people that we are living on an ocean planet and that if we protect the sea, the sea will protect us. No matter where you live on earth, the oceans impact your everyday lives and no matter where you live, you impact the ocean.

David Gallo

Strive Preparatory - Excel

Neptune's Ocean Warriors (NOW) works to inspire residents of Denver to understand the impact they have on our oceans through educational programming and lobbying to pass legislation.

South High School

Our team has decided to focus on the ocean, because no matter where you are in the world, you affect the ocean as much as the ocean affects you, habits must be formed early both to decrease pollution and to conserve water; take the plunge to use less plastic, conserve water and create a ripple effect in your community.

East High School

H.A.L.O. (Hope + Action = Love for our Oceans), is taking action to care for our oceans, one of our most valuable resources, by educating the community about the harm that plastic bottles cause for our oceans and creating opportunities for community members to take a stand!

Denver Center for 21st Century Learning

Out of sight, out of mind. Because we don't have easy access to our oceans, we think we're not connected to them and they have NO impact on our lives; that's simply not true.

Bravo Medical Magnet High School

We challenge everyone to "wave-up" and take responsibility for the health of our oceans and all that live in our seas. We are contagious.