Challenges and Solutions

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Louisville 2020 Challenges:

Louisville 2020 Solutions:

I challenge you to create a youth-led campaign — focused on equity and social justice — that demands a public-health approach to ending gun violence.

Rashaad Abdur-Rahman

J.M. Atherton High School

We offer enriching out-of-school activities that promote hobbies and peer-to-peer engagement and provide an alternative to violent culture.

Butler Traditional High School

We engage with our Butler community to help prevent gun violence, hate crimes, and social injustice and to promote a sense of safety and tranquility.

I challenge you to educate your peers about why vaping isn’t cool by designing a solution that reverses its appeal and makes youth access more difficult.

Ted Smith

Pleasure Ridge Park High School

We educate students on the harmful effects of vaping through educational programs in our local elementary and middle schools as well as social media campaigns to reach high school students.

Louisville Male High School

We help students, parents, and teachers in our community understand the dangers of vaping and provide alternatives and support to ensure the next generation is not addicted.

The Phoenix School of Discovery

We shift the narrative on vaping by portraying it as unappealing and striving to make it less accessible to our peers.

I challenge you to work with immigrants and refugees in your community to help them find pathways toward civic engagement and participation.

Patrick Litanga

Southern High School

We work to promote inclusivity among our immigrant and refugees communities by learning from them and connecting them with resources via local officials.

Fern Creek Traditional High School

We provide opportunities to learn from one another and feel at home in the Fern Creek area through a teen-focused language exchange program for refugees and immigrants.

Jeffersontown High School

We work on behalf of local immigrant and refugee communities to provide adequate tools and translation services for finding food and grocery resources. Our solution is to use QR codes in restaurants and grocery stores that will translate food items into our communities immigrant languages with pictures included so that they can get their basic needs without stress.

Seneca High School

We provide a home away from home for new coming immigrants and refugees.

Newcomer Academy

We help immigrants and refugees find pathways to civic engagement and gain the economic and cultural footing to integrate with their new communities in the U.S.

I challenge you to create cultural wellbeing in the places where you work and learn.

Theo Edmonds

Waggener High School

Project Lida is a socially inspired organization designed to create unified coalitions of diverse voices through organic experiences that bring cultures together. We want to shine a light on the similarities that connect all of us while celebrating the differences that make us who we are in order to increase the cultural wellbeing felt by students in our school community and beyond.

Marion C. Moore High School

We empower kids to create communities that welcome everyone’s whole, authentic selves through our book The Alphabet of Compassion. In a world too often divided by prejudice, people are not able to bring their "whole" selves to work. Our children's book teaches the "alphabet of compassion" and empowers these malleable minds to create communities that encourage all of us to bring our authentic selves to the places of school work.

Doss High School

We foster cultural well-being through a class that helps students develop cultural understanding with peer-to-peer learning about their cultures, who they are, and how they interact with each other.

Valley Traditional High School

We offer an online and in-person program that helps younger kids cope with things in their lives so they can grow up to be well adjusted and emotionally stronger for the next generation of South Louisvillians. We want to share our stories so that they can better the future of younger people.

Ballard High School

We make our bALLard community culturally inclusive and a place where ALL feel a sense of belonging by hosting an inter-club council where diverse voices are heard and collaboration on school events takes place.

I challenge you to create a program that supports the success of a cooperatively owned grocery store located in your community.

Cassia Herron

Central High School, Magnet and Career Academy

We educate our community about the benefits of locally owned cooperative grocery stores and strive to combat a healthy food scarcity that affects over 44,000 people within the West End of Louisville.