MoneyLYFE Tells the Story of Valuable “LYFE Decisions” in Graphic Novel

MoneLYFE Lindlom Math and Science Academy Chicago Public Schools Aspen Challenge    Lindblom Math and Science Academy’s 2016 Aspen Challenge Team, MoneyLYFE (Leading Youth in Financial Education) strives to teach youth the impact that effective financial mindsets can have on their lives.  To accomplish this goal locally, the 8-student team held two bank fairs in which 225 participants came to learn about the benefits of savings and checking accounts.  They also created and taught their first lesson of their upcoming curriculum at neighboring Earle Elementary School.  Finally, they partnered with volunteer organizations and financial pillars in Englewood, a neighborhood of Chicago where 44% of residents fall below the poverty line.

MoneyLYFE is continuing its work by creating a year-long curriculum in graphic novel format for both elementary level and high school students.  In addition, they have established three majors partnerships with Moneythink, the Crown Family Philanthropies, and Metropolitan Family Services which will help expand their reach in Englewood and beyond. Over the summer, MoneyLYFE will be working closely with Moneythink at University of Chicago to assist in their summer college fellowship program.  They are working with the Crown Family Philanthropies on a grant proposal to solidify funding for sustainability. Lastly, they have collaborated with Metropolitan Family Services to be the voice of youth for their cause of increasing the financial wellness of young adults in Englewood.

Furthermore, they are in the midst of planning a semester-long colloquium class to implement in their school which they are responsible for teaching.  They plan on using the graphic novel curriculum to support their lessons.  In terms of social media, they will create fact vs. fiction videos about banking and financial myths to help reach a broader audience.

To learn more about MoneyLYFE, please visit their website at: and follow them on Twitter at: @Money_LYFE.