Celebrating 10 Years of Aspen Challenge

Dear Aspen Challenge Supporter,

Engage. Inspire. Lead. This is our motto. As we celebrate a significant milestone, heading into what will be our 10th “season,” I can’t wait to see where the Challenge takes us as new youth voices are given permission to positively impact and shape the future of their communities and beyond. With every Challenge, there has been creativity, growth, and knowledge gained. With every Solution, there has been action, collaboration, and purpose brought to life. 

Since its inception, the Challenge has had more than 3,500 students participate in 400 student-led solutions. We’ve brought programming coast-to-coast with many stops in-between thanks to our amazing partner cities and educational stakeholders in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Dallas, Louisville, Miami, and New Orleans. Next month, we’re adding another city to this list–– our 10th and newest partner city of Brooklyn. We’ve hosted over 50 Challengers, who are experts in their fields and inspiration in their communities. We’ve worked alongside over 800 of the most highly regarded educators who show up, without fail, as group leaders and mentors for each team.

Community change is possible and most successful when young people have a voice and a seat at the table. It takes a village, and this wholeheartedly includes you. We are incredibly lucky to have been welcomed into communities around the country this past decade and promise to continue with as much momentum and excitement as we head full speed toward the next.

Katie Fitzgerald

Managing Director, Aspen Challenge