Challenges and Solutions

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Violence Prevention Challenges:

Violence Prevention Solutions:

I challenge you to design a community campaign and program that amplifies the existing strengths and beauty of New Orleans’ neighborhoods as a counternarrative to the historical spring and summer upticks of community violence.

Marlon Peterson

Operation Hope 4 NOLA

To counter the narrative of violence in New Orleans by creating a safe space for opportunity and exposure for teens, further amplifying the existing talents within our city.


A community that believes in itself, supports itself, and provides & utilizes resources and mentorship to provide career opportunities and ample chances for success. We will bring the community together to help change the way that people see New Orleans, the 9th Ward, and Carver.

Get It Ready NOLA

Get it Ready NOLA aims to create and enhance the culture of our city to decrease violence and uplift the skills and creativity of the city's youth.

New Orleans’ Crime Amelioration (NOLACA)

NOLA’s Crime Amelioration (NOLACA) will allow all young people, particularly those who are at risk of being entrapped by violence, to experience their full potential as productive, responsible, and successful citizens without being exposed to or contributing to New Orleans crime.


Creating or promoting a safe and comfortable environment for minorities.

By bringing together unlikely allies, I challenge you to unleash peace to counter the culture of violence present in your community.

Eric Dawson

Tiger Alliance

Tiger Alliance will foster positive relationships between unlikely allies by coming together as one community and breaking down the negative stereotypes that divide us through our week of unity.

PEACE Agents of Change

PEACE Agents of Change will create a summit named Spreading Our Voice Against Violence by Knowing Our Rights. We will address root causes of violence such as mental illness, anger, misguided information, fear, police brutality, and gentrification in our community.

I challenge you to create a youth-led campaign — focused on equity and social justice — that demands a public-health approach to ending gun violence.

Rashaad Abdur-Rahman

J.M. Atherton High School

We offer enriching out-of-school activities that promote hobbies and peer-to-peer engagement and provide an alternative to violent culture.

Butler Traditional High School

We engage with our Butler community to help prevent gun violence, hate crimes, and social injustice and to promote a sense of safety and tranquility.

I challenge you to reimagine the use of digital tools that often amplify bullying and hate and use them to create online spaces of support, respect, and acceptance.

Randi Boyette

I challenge you to improve community safety and trust, in partnership with the Dallas Police Department.

Lonzo Anderson

S.T.P. (Safety, Trust, and Partnership)

S.T.P. will build bridges among the officers who keep us Safe, the community that Trusts us, and the students who have designed these Partnerships.

C.S.T. Squad

We will organize a Pleasant Grove community block party to build authentic relationships, promote safety, and improve trust with the Dallas Police Department.