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Poverty & Financial Literacy Challenges:

Poverty & Financial Literacy Solutions:

I challenge you to design a model that increases access to affordable, healthy food for communities that need it most, while stimulating awareness about the importance of healthy food and nutrition.

Patty Stonesifer

The Healthy Knights

We will develop a system to provide affordable healthy food and educate our community through a mentorship program.

Stamp Out Hunger DC

Stamp Out Hunger DC makes healthy and affordable food available to low income families in Wards 5, 7, and 8 through the establishment of model community gardens to teach residents how to produce fresh and healthy foods.

I challenge you to create and test a business idea that will help address a problem of poverty within your community.

Jo-Ann Tan

TMA Gourmet

TMA Gourmet is eradicating the issue of limited food access that plagues communities of poverty by providing parents, students, and members of our community healthier eating options from our school garden.

Mountain Lions

Our goal is to disrupt teen poverty in our community by focusing on high school attendance through financial incentives.


Our mission at BINC (Banneker, Inc.) is to develop an innovative and sustainable business solution to an issue of poverty in our city wide community through a website. This website, oriented to the needs of our community and made possible by financial support from local businesses, will offer coupons and solutions through a forum-like interface to address the primary needs of our community and will be accessible to any and all that wish to make use of and to contribute to the database.

I challenge you to design a program that disrupts one or more of the factors contributing to the generational cycle of poverty and, in doing so, creates opportunities for education or training after high school, affordable housing, and/or sustainable careers.

Jamila Harris-Morrison


Alpas will build a bridge between existing resources and those in need who are unaware of those resources by hosting workshops, utilizing social media, and partnering with community organizations.

P.A.U.S.E. (Poverty And Unemployment Stopped Through Education)

P.A.U.S.E. is a nonprofit organization that addresses the factors of poverty by offering educational and training opportunities and presenting employment/career choices through informational sessions and career fairs within the Nicetown/Tioga community.

Future Finance

Having seen the effects of generational poverty, we at Future Finance will break that chain by offering financial literacy workshops to youth and families throughout our community.

Pioneers 4 Poverty

Pioneers 4 Poverty will disrupt generational poverty within our community by offering a four-week holistic workshop to improve life skills and stress the importance of a well-rounded education.

I challenge you, the students of Los Angeles, Ca, to create more human centered approaches to work towards ultimately lifting people out of poverty for good. What can we learn about innovative customer service techniques (think about when you entered a mac store vs a county office) to drive success in the war on poverty?

Michelle Rhone-Collins

I challenge you to re-imagine urban spaces so that kids living in underprivileged neighborhoods have equal opportunities to be creative, play and become the social inventors for their communities.

Jessica Matthews

S.M.A.R.T. Space Makers

S.M.A.R.T. (Space Makers Are Reinventing Tomorrow) designs artistic and technical learning opportunities for underserved middle school students.

Peace BiPeace

We inspire people to work together to accomplish peace by piecing together a safe community for children to be playful.