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I challenge you to improve the culture or design of your school to promote physical activity and healthy living in an environmentally friendly way.

Donna Lynne

Almighty Eagles

The Almighty Eagles believe healthy living is a key element to being happy, with that being said we devised a plan that included creating enrichments involving physical activity, We put requests in for sports clubs, enrichments and P.E classes in general, and we also made students aware of how eating habits can affect their lives positively or negatively.


2Fit4U educates young students about the benefits of healthy living by providing space for physical activity and healthier food options.


North High School is finding ways to utilize community centers to provide healthy, local produce for families living in food deserts.

Team Well Aware

Team Well Aware has come together to address the lack of awareness of the importance of health and wellness, the lack of opportunities and programs in our community that address health and wellness, and the need to help young children learn about the importance of health and wellness at an early age.

Nutrition Ambition

Nutrition Ambition is an initiative implemented in order to provide and obtain knowledge and exciting, innovative resources to the people of our community to motivate a unified sense of purpose in nourishing the environment and ourselves

I challenge you to educate your peers about why vaping isn’t cool by designing a solution that reverses its appeal and makes youth access more difficult.

Ted Smith

Pleasure Ridge Park High School

We educate students on the harmful effects of vaping through educational programs in our local elementary and middle schools as well as social media campaigns to reach high school students.

Louisville Male High School

We help students, parents, and teachers in our community understand the dangers of vaping and provide alternatives and support to ensure the next generation is not addicted.

The Phoenix School of Discovery

We shift the narrative on vaping by portraying it as unappealing and striving to make it less accessible to our peers.

We challenge you to develop a solution to reduce a health inequity facing your community, using your community’s assets and identifying where more support is needed.

Tigee Hill & Alexandra Quinn

Woodrow Wilson High School

Wildcat Outreach provides hygiene products to women facing homelessness as a way to respect each person's dignity and promote healthy communities.

South Oak Cliff High School

The Significant Optimistic Crew brings awareness and solutions to inequities in the Dallas community that affect the overall health of teens and children so they can make wise choices for a better lifestyle for ourselves and our community.

David W. Carter High School

Listen Up will provide information, help, and hope to teens who may suffer from mental illness and feel alone in their struggles, all while educating and broadening the understanding of educators and administrators.

I challenge you to improve the health of your community by enabling people of all ages to bring four habits into their lives: good nutrition, regular exercise, balanced emotional health, and community volunteerism.

Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel


To help people build healthy habits in nutrition, exercise, emotional health, and community volunteerism, we developed an app that gamifies healthy habits and supports behavior change. The app tracks the progress in the PhilaHealthia Challenge, where students and teachers compete to earn points and win fabulous prizes.

4 Life Challenge

Get Fit Saturdays will increase access to fresh fruit for students in our school, establish an emotional support system for students, and create opportunities for students to use the skills they learn in our program to improve our community.

I challenge you, the students of Los Angeles, CA, to identify an important public health problem facing your community and for you to change people’s knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors about that problem in order to make your community healthier.

Alex Ortega

Valley Academy of Arts & Sciences

Lifecycle is leading the journey to a more health-conscious community by raising awareness and creating a movement to inspire others; we will only reach our destination when we all make the choice to live forward.

Ulysses S. Grant High School

Team Red Light is dedicated to educating adolescents in our community about marijuana usage and its effects, providing support in dealing with the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of substance abuse, and providing alternatives that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Teacher Prep Academy at César E Chávez Learning Academies

Soar for Health Organization is focused on empowering our local community by providing them with interactive educational experiences and engaging physical activities that enable them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Reseda High School

Fresh Cutz is an interactive program with a mission to teach the importance of healthier eating choices through healthy partnerships.

Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School

LOBOS for C.H.A.N.G.E. will activate awareness by providing access to positive solutions, including physical, mental and social events, that foster healthier lifestyles within the community and combat the problems of obesity.