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Environment Solutions:

I challenge you to increase action and awareness among your peers that “visibilizes” the climate impact of Louisiana’s consumer waste and offers sustainable solutions to address the environmental damage it causes.

Colette Pichon Battle


We foresee a future with a cleaner and greener Earth where you won't have to worry about Earth’s survival due to inhospitable temperatures.

Operation Change

We envision a space where intergenerational communities work together as one to eliminate waste production. We believe that mindful consumption and increasing awareness will combat climate change.

The I.S.A.C.C. Society

We envision helping people understand the urgency of climate change so that they will work toward bettering the world with their habits.

I challenge you to educate your peers about current events and policies that will have long-term impacts on the environment and to create a program that empowers your peers to take organized action against the climate crisis.

Beverly Wright


To cultivate and thrive in interconnected communities of people who understand the complex issues of climate change and intersectionality, are passionate about combating the climate crisis, and take action to live sustainably.

Born to Win

We envision creating an environment that is more sustainable to live in by promoting recycling and reducing and replacing plastic consumption in New Orleans.

The Bucmates

We will provide information, conduct presentations, and utilize social media to encourage New Orleans ' Youth to become environmentally conscious and empower them to BE THE CHANGE.

Silica Saints - The Glass Collection Project

A concerned community of students with completely different ideas, thoughts, and interests, collaborating to raise each other up and sustain our world for our children and for generations to come.

The CLEO Institute challenges you to create a school climate action plan that follows the clean energy task force’s recommendations and utilizes a multi-stakeholder, educational campaign to help fight the climate crisis in Miami.

Yoca Arditi-Rocha

Food for Food

We envision that our efforts in reducing food waste today will reduce greenhouse gasses and their negative effects on the environment.

Project C.H.I.E.F

One school, one team, working one day at a time, to inspire and create one big impact on the globe.

Project GREEN (Growing Roots of Environmental Education Now)

We envision a society where awareness of environmental issues is not disregarded but encouraged, hoping to flourish and implement ideas to combat the climate crisis.

ECHO (Educating on Climate Health Objectives)

Our school will be a model for other schools in the community and create an improved environment for humans and nature alike.

I challenge you to become environmentally literate and increase community awareness and action in reducing a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Leisha John

Agents of Change

We will foster climate literacy and spark civic action in our community by hosting cross-generational youth-led conversations on climate change and mending our legislation to reduce our community’s carbon footprint. Methods included hosting a podcast and launching composting/Meatless Monday initiatives to curb emissions generated by food waste and meat production.

Project Planet

By launching our program we will increase awareness about the emission of greenhouse gasses and ways to prevent them by 30% within students of our city by 2025. Methods included hosting beach clean-up events and educational seminars about what average Miamians can do to bring down carbon emissions.

Let It Grow

We aim to foster a constructive environment for the youth of our community to engage in high-level discussions and advocacy in favor of diminishing the negative effects of improper waste management on greenhouse gas emissions.

We challenge you to restore and protect green spaces in Dallas so that more community members will receive the benefits of being in a natural environment, while improving Dallas’s ability to support wildlife and biodiversity.

Megan Davis & Aaryaman Singhal

Wilmer-Hutchins High School

The Green Successors are rebuilding green spaces in Dallas along with community partners and connecting future generations to our green roots and inspire an appreciation for nature.

W.T. White High School

We will restore green spaces at W.T White to promote biodiversity and inspire our community to appreciate nature.

Hillcrest High School

Lil' Trees Association's goal is to increase the recycling at Hillcrest High School by 50 percent by providing recycling bins and raising awareness on the importance of protecting green spaces.

Bryan Adams High School

Cougar Zen is improving their campus' green space to create a place for relaxation and building a healthy state of mind in order to strengthen their community and propel their academic excellence.