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I challenge you, the students in Denver, CO, to develop a summer program that eliminates summer melt by focusing on college enrollment strategies and enabling students to develop skills that will help students succeed in college.

Nate Easley

I challenge you to educate your community about the importance of literacy and its vital role in creating an informed society. Find inventive ways to engage all member of your community in reading or writing for please every day.

Mark Hecker

I challenge you, the students in Denver, CO, to create awareness and empower your community to take action and address high school dropout rates. Engage your peers, share your experiences, introduce new methods of thought about the importance of education, and learn how to take action on the importance of it for all!

Jamiel L. Alexander

Summit Academy

REBOUND is centered on creating a peer mentoring program at Summit Academy to reengage students in school and see the importance of their education through building healthy relationships with their peers.

PUSH Academy

P.U.S.H. Academy's Project Promise, is an initiative to eradicate the dropout rate. It is our Promise to make a conscious and sincere effort to engage, inspire and lead all youth in our community so they may exceed academic expectations and norms. This is accomplished with a village concept in mind.

High Tech Early College

Team I.N.S.P.I.R.E reaches out to those communities that have high dropout rates and challenges students to find ways they can encourage their peers and themselves to stay in school. We are creating a culture in which students at our school
are becoming accountable to one another through support, encouragement, and becoming active participants in their education.

I challenge you to design the new 21st century library experience to illustrate the power of people and information while inspiring and engaging your peers.

Brian Bannon


Reinventing libraries to better prepare our creative youth.