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Digital Activism Challenges:

Digital Activism Solutions:

We challenge YOU to be the change agents and innovate an online dialogue for good.

Dallas Davis

Caring Cowboys

Three schools on one campus, find common ground and spread kindness throughout the West side school and community. The Caring Cowboys have been sending and seeking advice from the community on how to combat cyber bullying with the greatest weapon of all- love.

Be A Voice

Be a voice, be yourself, raise awareness and take action – you’re the change for kindness.

We Hear You

“We Hear You” is an educational campaign to raise the levels of consciousness on the negative use of social media and its direct link to cyber bullying.

The Wallflower Initiative

The Wallflower Initiative hopes to use social media to connect generations through stories of hope and inspiration, spread positivity in our school and plant the seeds for wider change within our community.


F.L.Y. (FRIENDSHIP LIES IN YOU) is promoting a Kindness Week to create new friendships, unity, and a culture of empathy.

I challenge you, the students of Washington DC, to leverage technology and design a platform to engage with youth from around the world. This platform should be scalable and convince high school students, and society at large, that engaging with people from different cultures should be the norm.

Chris Plutte

Cultural Affinity

Cultural Affinity increases knowledge and understanding of different cultures and ways of life among youth around the world by connecting with them through social media i.e. Facebook, and Instagram.

Global Gazebo

Global Gazebo is hosting a website where students around the world can communicate with each other on a regular basis using videos and pictures.

Generation W3

Our mission is to create an annual event with supporting social media resources that will highlight the cultural differences of people from different countries in order to promote better understanding among diverse peoples.

Big Little World

Our mission is to make this big world a little smaller by communicating with people from other countries through social media in order to discover and promote what all people, regardless of location, have in common.


PEACE (People Exploring A Country Everyday) encourages students from across the world to interact with one another, both inside and outside of school, with our app in order to explore different cultures, eliminate stereotypes, and discover similarities/differences through interactive games, forums, and shared photographs.

I challenge you to create a scalable platform to facilitate dialogue with youth worldwide, encourage global citizenship, and promote the benefits of intercultural understanding.

Chris Plutte

Bonds Without Borders

Using social media platforms, we will connect with students worldwide to create intercultural understanding, dispel stereotypes, and improve relations among people from other countries.


We will dispel misconceptions of other cultures and races around the world by creating a website for youth to share their life stories and cultures.

Global and Cultural Understanding

To improve cultural understanding, we are inviting our community to join us in a workshop where we learn about other cultures through food, games, prizes, and music.