Challenges and Solutions

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Poverty and Financial Literacy Challenges:

Poverty and Financial Literacy Solutions:

I challenge you to find ways to make your generation the last ALICE generation (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) by designing a solution that encourages families to utilize community resources that help achieve economic stability.

Joe Zubizarreta

S.U.N.R.I.S.E (Serving Under-resourced Neighborhoods Reaching Ideal Stress-free Environments)

We envision a society that embraces economic empowerment and combats financial disparities with social outreach and resources.


Using advertising to connect people to affordable childcare services will allow ALICE families to spend less of their income on childcare, which allows them to have more freedom when allocating their earnings.

ALICE Busters

The lives of a generation will be forever changed by increasing financial stability and literacy. People will want to join these efforts because it will secure generational wealth.