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Mental Health Challenges:

Mental Health Solutions:

I challenge you to design a program that employs kindness interventions—both online and offline—in order to improve the collective mental health of our communities.

Taylor Parker


Our vision is to empower, support, and increase awareness for mental health in our community in New Orleans.

Love in Action

We envision a New Orleans where marginalized youth are valued by others and empowered to change their own self-image, actions and lives in a positive way to bring safety, joy and love to their communities.

PRIDE: Positive Recognition Involvement Development Emotional Health

PRIDE will break the stigma of mental health by creating safe spaces, resources, and supports to help students cope with mental health issues in a way that transcends the school community.

NOLA's Hope

Our vision is to provide universal, intercultural competent, and strength-focused services. Our vision promotes children's social-emotional development and raises awareness about mental health.

K.E.E.P (Kindness and Empathy Education Program) New Orleans

To uplift individuals who are equipped with the skills and understanding to foster a healthy state of mind through examples of kindness within themselves and their community.

I challenge you to design a program to strengthen your community’s mental health by appreciating our unique identities and the infinite variations of the human experience.

Diana Chao

The SAFE Initiative

Our vision is to create a school and community program that promotes mental health services through animal engagement. We want to raise awareness, overcome the stigma associated with mental health, and open the gateway for individuals to sign up for additional resources.

L.O.V.E (Learn-Overcome-Vouch-Express)

We envision a future where people will be able to connect and make friends with others who suffer from the same issues they are facing. Connections help all of us build a sense of belonging and self-worth.

CHANGE (Correcting Holistic Advancement Nuance Great Excellence)

The Triage = Peace Room was established to give an outlet of reset, remove, correct, reestablish and redirect undesired behaviors. This area provides an area within the school facility that can be modeled in the community and enable individuals to focus on conventional activities for self-modification.

I challenge you to create an innovative solution that bridges the disconnect between institutions and support services to improve the mental health of our youth.

Solome Tibebu

Soaring Mentalities

We will help raise awareness and reduce the stigma around youth mental health within school communities and create open dialogue between students and teachers. This will be achieved by creating a program with a corresponding social media platform that bridges the gap between students knowledge of resources and appropriate support services.


We will develop community-based education program consisting of a website, social media platforms, and a resource Hub at Reagan Doral senior that will foster inclusivity among the Immigrant community by providing resources to help them understand and navigate the educational, financial, and legal systems in the US. In the next eight weeks, we will assist 50-100 recent immigrants through this program.

Safe Haven

We will utilize different platforms and outreach programs to inform and train people regarding the seriousness of mental health and connect individuals who need help to mental health professionals.

Hawks Haven

By launching a widely accessible website, we will improve mental health by 25% among all users of our website by early April.

Miami State of Mind

Miami State of Mind creates real conversation about mental health to empower youth, as well as change the culture of mental health conditions to more positive and loving ones by creating modern, interpersonal connections, through virtual platforms. Created a podcast as well as a virtual forum in Discord.

I challenge you to create awareness and identify solutions to effectively address individuals with mental health conditions in homeless and correction system populations.

Joey Pace & Erin Brown

Raising Our Own Fathers

Raising Our Own Father's mission is to increase awareness of mental health as it pertains to young males of color through mentoring, empowering, and advocating.

Peace of Mind

The mission of Peace of Mind is to ensure that anyone and everyone who faces any type of mental illness can seek and get help before the problem escalates and leads to homelessness or incarceration.

Health Brigade

Health Brigade, a project which aims to create awareness and resource education about how mental health issues affect the homeless in our community through outreach and social media.

I challenge you to create cultural wellbeing in the places where you work and learn.

Theo Edmonds

Waggener High School

Project Lida is a socially inspired organization designed to create unified coalitions of diverse voices through organic experiences that bring cultures together. We want to shine a light on the similarities that connect all of us while celebrating the differences that make us who we are in order to increase the cultural wellbeing felt by students in our school community and beyond.

Marion C. Moore High School

We empower kids to create communities that welcome everyone’s whole, authentic selves through our book The Alphabet of Compassion. In a world too often divided by prejudice, people are not able to bring their "whole" selves to work. Our children's book teaches the "alphabet of compassion" and empowers these malleable minds to create communities that encourage all of us to bring our authentic selves to the places of school work.

Doss High School

We foster cultural well-being through a class that helps students develop cultural understanding with peer-to-peer learning about their cultures, who they are, and how they interact with each other.

Valley Traditional High School

We offer an online and in-person program that helps younger kids cope with things in their lives so they can grow up to be well adjusted and emotionally stronger for the next generation of South Louisvillians. We want to share our stories so that they can better the future of younger people.

Ballard High School

We make our bALLard community culturally inclusive and a place where ALL feel a sense of belonging by hosting an inter-club council where diverse voices are heard and collaboration on school events takes place.