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Mental Health Challenges:

Mental Health Solutions:

I challenge you to create a movement to get young people talking to each other about the warning signs of unhealthy relationships and equip them with the tools to take action before the behaviors escalate into abuse.

Ebele Onyema

Toxicity in the City

We envision a community where young people acknowledge toxic traits within relationships and are able to take toxic traits as warning signs. We want young people to continue this initiative with their peers, families and younger generations, so that they can all understand and remember the healthy definition of love.


To create a community of support in our school. To empower young people to engage in healthy relationships.

The Antidote

To educate and support members of our community on toxic relationships. We will navigate how to spot and deal with them, while simultaneously addressing toxic relationships.

Blue Ribbon Butterfly Foundation

We envision a life where youth of all ages can educate themselves on healthy relationships and be able to quickly identify unhealthy ones.


We envision a school environment where relationships thrive. By educating our peers, mediating conflicts and promoting healthy relationships in innovative ways we will help students change their minds, hearts and bodies to become better humans.

I challenge you to create an innovative program that educates adults about the mental health needs of New Orleans youth and engages adults, particularly caregivers, in responding to those needs.

Ron McClain

The Voices Behind the Walls

We envision a future where the families of incarcerated youth will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to adequately respond to children’s needs in support of positive decision-making and the fulfillment of children's potential.

S.B.W. Inspired Mentality

The SBW Team's vision is to help adults understand today’s teens’ mental health and social lives (online and in person) without comparing their personal experiences as teenagers with the issues that today’s young people face.

Aides of Apollo

Inspire adults to take the mental health of young people seriously and to visualize the impact of young people being able to freely talk about mental health with adults.


Our group envisions a future in which young adults, teens and children may freely voice their traumas and issues with one another and adults without fear or lack of safety. We want a future where adults are educated on the mental health needs of youth, not just in New Orleans, but everywhere.

P.O.V. (Partners of Vision)

We envision a school environment where teachers and students can be symbiotic in making schoolwide decisions. We also see both parties being mindful and considerate of the other's mental health.

I challenge you to design a program that employs kindness interventions—both online and offline—in order to improve the collective mental health of our communities.

Taylor Parker


Our vision is to empower, support, and increase awareness for mental health in our community in New Orleans.

Love in Action

We envision a New Orleans where marginalized youth are valued by others and empowered to change their own self-image, actions and lives in a positive way to bring safety, joy and love to their communities.

PRIDE: Positive Recognition Involvement Development Emotional Health

PRIDE will break the stigma of mental health by creating safe spaces, resources, and supports to help students cope with mental health issues in a way that transcends the school community.

NOLA's Hope

Our vision is to provide universal, intercultural competent, and strength-focused services. Our vision promotes children's social-emotional development and raises awareness about mental health.

K.E.E.P (Kindness and Empathy Education Program) New Orleans

To uplift individuals who are equipped with the skills and understanding to foster a healthy state of mind through examples of kindness within themselves and their community.

I challenge you to design a program to strengthen your community’s mental health by appreciating our unique identities and the infinite variations of the human experience.

Diana Chao

The SAFE Initiative

Our vision is to create a school and community program that promotes mental health services through animal engagement. We want to raise awareness, overcome the stigma associated with mental health, and open the gateway for individuals to sign up for additional resources.

L.O.V.E (Learn-Overcome-Vouch-Express)

We envision a future where people will be able to connect and make friends with others who suffer from the same issues they are facing. Connections help all of us build a sense of belonging and self-worth.

CHANGE (Correcting Holistic Advancement Nuance Great Excellence)

The Triage = Peace Room was established to give an outlet of reset, remove, correct, reestablish and redirect undesired behaviors. This area provides an area within the school facility that can be modeled in the community and enable individuals to focus on conventional activities for self-modification.

I challenge you to create an innovative solution that bridges the disconnect between institutions and support services to improve the mental health of our youth.

Solome Tibebu

Soaring Mentalities

We will help raise awareness and reduce the stigma around youth mental health within school communities and create open dialogue between students and teachers. This will be achieved by creating a program with a corresponding social media platform that bridges the gap between students knowledge of resources and appropriate support services.


We will develop community-based education program consisting of a website, social media platforms, and a resource Hub at Reagan Doral senior that will foster inclusivity among the Immigrant community by providing resources to help them understand and navigate the educational, financial, and legal systems in the US. In the next eight weeks, we will assist 50-100 recent immigrants through this program.

Safe Haven

We will utilize different platforms and outreach programs to inform and train people regarding the seriousness of mental health and connect individuals who need help to mental health professionals.

Hawks Haven

By launching a widely accessible website, we will improve mental health by 25% among all users of our website by early April.

Miami State of Mind

Miami State of Mind creates real conversation about mental health to empower youth, as well as change the culture of mental health conditions to more positive and loving ones by creating modern, interpersonal connections, through virtual platforms. Created a podcast as well as a virtual forum in Discord.