Challenges and Solutions

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Food Insecurity Challenges:

Food Insecurity Solutions:

I challenge you to bring more good food to your community by connecting with resources or partners to improve access to nutritious food options in your neighborhood.

Matt Haffenreffer

CHCP Feeds

We envision that our partnerships will help us to consistently provide better communities access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food. Creating sustainable resources for families for years to come.

Where's the Food?

We envision bringing healthy and nutritious food options to our community through the creation of our school pantry. In order to combat food insecurity in East New York, Brooklyn, we envision all community members to be able to access needed food so that we may create a more equitable and food secure community.

Healthy Addition

As firm believers in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, we at A-Tech HS envision that our long-lasting partnerships with businesses in our neighborhood, along with the establishment of a food garden, will supply our community with access to nutritious foods needed to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

I challenge you to develop a solution that addresses both physical food access and food affordability in an effort to reduce food insecurity and improve equity in your community.

Lindsay Hendrix

Greaux Me Dat

Our team envisions a community that has access to good quality, nutritious food and understands the consequences of hunger and poor nutrition through creating healthier choices.


Imagine a community where everyone has consistent access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. Contemplate a community in which everyone has access to local, wholesome, affordable food and has a sustainable meal every time.

The Feast in the East

We, The Feast in the East, envision a hub in New Orleans East where people have access to adequate, nourishing food.

NOLA GoGreen

We envision a future where food can be easily obtained in a wide variety of communities that face complications and where we can keep everyone safe and fed.